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PLUS Norino Pod Mizutama Tape Glue Flower Limited Edition

- It is a tape glue that collaborated with illustrator "mizutama".
- Although it is a compact design, the tape length is about 10m.
- The cap uses a highly dustproof shutter cap, and the grip is a bean-shaped type that is easy to grip.
- Equipped with a "power gear" to prevent tape entanglement.
- Because it is a refill type, you can use your favorite pattern for a long time.

How to use
(1) Move the slide knob in the direction of the arrow until you hear a click, and pull out the tip.
(2) Press the tip firmly against the part you want to paste and pull slowly. When you finish pulling, lift the product straight up and the glue will cut cleanly.
(3) When you have finished using the slide knob, push the PUSH part from above and move it in the direction of the arrow to store the tip part.
(4) If the tape is slack, place the tip of the pen on the groove on the back of the product with the tip exposed, and turn it clockwise (in the direction of the arrow).

Design: Flower

Body size (approx.):
[Main body] Width 78 x Depth 20 x Height 35 mm
[Tape] Width 6 mm x Length 10 m

[Main body] 100% recycled resin