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KOKUYO Jibun Notebook Goods Pat Mi Pocket Diary


・ It is a notebook that can be used in combination with the Jibun notebook to centrally manage tasks and learning plans.

・ A set of 3 books (3 months worth) in a date-free diary.

・ You can abandon the conventional stereotype that "a notebook is one in 12 months" and carry only the necessary parts in one book a month.

・ For one month, the upper vertical and lower monthly are linked, so you can easily switch between the schedule for the entire month and the detailed schedule.

・ It is also recommended to use the Jibun notebook for "life log" and the putt me pocket for "most recent management of tasks".

-It is a size that fits in the pocket of the Jibun notebook. It also fits in the inner pocket of the jacket, so you can carry only your Pat Me pocket smartly.

Body size (approx.) Length 95 x width 182 mm

Quantity 3 books