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Peanuts Snoopy Irodo Fabric Sticker Pose

Package size: H135mm x W160mm


* Compatible with cotton, leather, linen, synthetic fibers, synthetic fibers

Precautions for use
- For items other than fabric materials (metal, plastic, etc.) and long-haired items (towel cloth, felt, etc.) Please do not use it.
・ Avoid ironing, drying, and cleaning as it may melt at high temperatures.
・ When washing, please allow about half a day after attaching the sticker. If you are using a washing machine, put it on the net and use soft mode. If you wash your hands, do not rub them strongly and wash them gently.
・ After attaching the sticker, apply a cloth to firmly fix it. If the fixing is insufficient, the seal may come off easily.
・ Please refrain from using T-shirts and knits as the seal may be deformed due to expansion and contraction.
- Ideal for small items, stationery, interior goods, etc. that are rarely washed.