Uni Ball RE Princess Belle

Uni Ball RE Princess Belle

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Characther : Movie Beauty and the Beast Princess Belle 

-Equipped with erasable ink, it can be rewritten many times!

It is equipped with a newly developed "heat eraser" and has the property of being colorless when hot 60 ° C or more is applied. The friction generated by rubbing the drawing line with a special eraser on the knock section causes chemical changes and the ink to be colorless, so that it can be erased and rewritten many times.

● when

easy writing is removed with a special eraser with the newly developed "key mechanism," as is the case with a general type ballpoint pen, you can tap smoothly by pointing the tip of the pen down. When deleting, just by turning the shaft up, the "lock mechanism" is activated and the eraser is repaired, so that it can be removed strongly.

Beautiful Bell Ball and polished ball pen (0.5mm) Size: pen shaft 1.1 X length 14.6cm

Refill specifications: URR-100-05 (0.5mm)

Origin: Made in Japan