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Yukazan KF99 Hello Kitty Matcha Kimono Protective Face Mask (10 Pcs/Pack)

- Excellent filtering with 2 x Medical grade melt-blown filter fabric with an electrostatic charge. 
- SSS medical-grade nonwoven outer and ultra-soft inner.
- VFE & BFE & PFE>99%(Particulate Filtration Efficiency)
- 4 Protective Layers Filtration (2 x Medical grade melt-blown filter fabric)
- Elastic Ear Strings
- Adjustable nose clip for different face shapes (3D fit Airy- tech)
- Water-resistant non woven outer layer to filter out dust and germs
- Soft and fine inner nonwoven skin-friendly and suitable for sensitive skin
- Sanitary and convenient for using
- Safe protection from bacteria & dust
- High quality, hygiene, safe and comfortable
- Medical Device Authority MDA✅
- Suitable for adult daily protection, and can be used for Protecting Against Bacteria, Virus, Dust and Micro-Particle causing allergy. 

1. Cover your mouth, nose and chin with the colored side facing outwards.
2. Make sure the nose clip is on top.
3. Adjust the nose clip to fit the contour of the nose.
4. Pull the lower end of the mask to cover the chin.
5. Adjust the mask to fit better and for protection.