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Traveler's Notebook Customized Sticker Diary 2023

A sticker set that makes customizing your TRAVELER'S notebook diary even more fun, including indexes, pockets, icons that represent your schedule, lettering, stickers that decorate the cover, and more. The design theme for the 2023 edition is Traveler's Cafe, a fictional cafe dreamed of by Traveler's Company. The customized sticker on the cover is based on the coffee tools and coffee cans of the Traveler's Cafe. A cup of coffee and a notebook will fill you with a gentle and peaceful feeling. Please welcome 2023 with a calm feeling.


Customized sticker, letter sticker, index sticker, schedule sticker, transparent round sticker, film pocket sticker

6 pieces

Material: PET, paper

Size: Package / H210 x W110 x D1mm