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Traveler's Company Brass Pencil Solid

A pencil integrated with a brass holder made at a press factory in Japan.

Since the pencil is set inside the main body when not in use, it can be carried compactly. You can also use it without a clip by removing the part with the eraser. Roughly clip the clip into the leather cover, remove the clip and throw it in your pocket, or use it as a companion to your life's journey.

Solid brass shines golden at the beginning of use, but as it continues to be used, the surface oxidizes and changes to a deep and tasty color tone.

We also have a refill that includes a pencil and an eraser, so please use it for a long time and enjoy the aging of brass. You can also set a shorter pencil if it is a standard-sized pencil.

Holder / Brass Pencil / HB

Package / H38 × W112 × D19mm
Body / Diameter 11 × H97mm
Pencil / 75mm