Traveler's Notebook 2017 Insert

Passport Size Refill 2017 Monthly


2017 Diary Monthly Traveler's notebook passport size Jual di Indonesia

This is 2017 Diary Monthly for TRAVELER’S notebook Passport Size.
The size of this refill is exactly the same as the passport we carry, so it’s suitable for using this as a sub-planner. Also, the size makes it nice to record anniversaries and birthdays of the people you like. This planner uses the MD paper so the feeling you get from writing is simply awesome.

In the 2017 Diary, there is a Diary Guide and a customizing sticker included. On Diary Guide, there is a customized cover page for the 2017 diary Refill included in the Diary Guide for the Regular Size. It goes perfect with TRAVELER’S notebook mini.The TRAVELER’S notebook mini is available in the 10th Anniversary Can Set.

(December 2016- January 2018), Calendar, Year schedule, Blank, Travel guide
48pages, MD Paper (saddle-stitched), Bonus item:Diary Guide with Sticker
H124 x W89 x D3mm

This is a pre-order item, items will be shipped from early December onwards

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