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Traveler's Notebook Leather Cover Starter Pack Set Passport Size

Traveler's Notebook Passport-sized starter kit.
A plain note refill carefully made in Japan is set on a cowhide cover with a simple texture made in Chiang Mai, Thailand.The refill is the same size as your passport, so you can use it as a cover for your passport.

You can use it as it is, but based on this, you can set an optional zipper case or pen holder to increase the storage capacity, or use a connecting band to add note refills to expand the usage. Due to its simple construction, you can easily attach charms and beads to the elastic band or bookmark string.It's also nice to put your favorite stickers or used stamps on the cover of your notebook refill.

By customizing it as you like, it is a notebook that makes you feel more attached and enjoyable to carry around, as well as the texture of leather that becomes more delicious as you use it for a long time.

Outer box Cotton case (fabric)
Cover body (made of cowhide)
Spare rubber band (red)

Note refill (64 pages unlined, stitcher binding)

Outer box / H150 × W113 × D16mm
Cotton case / H165 × W120mm

Cover body / H134 × W98 × D10mm MADE IN THAILAND
Notebook refill / H124 × W89mm × D4mm MADE IN JAPAN