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Daily Ticket Sticker Iron Boxes

Daily Ticket Sticker can tear daily stickers

Features: There are many small fortunes in daily life, the pleasure of reading, the cultivation of music, the afternoon tea and food with friends, the list of purchases listed in the magazine, the small things in life, the tearable stickers are easy to carry and increase. For fun, you can tear it off one by one, and a small one on the PDA does not take up space.

Size: one with seven small sheets, full length 400x30mm, single sheet 50x30mm

Material: sticker

Quantity: (each item has seven small sheets of x 4, each with 28 small sheets and eight models totaling 224 sheets)

  • WEEK Week Note
  • LIST list
  • NOTE notes
  • MEAL meal record
  • CAFÉ coffee tasting
  • REVIEW(Read) Reading Experience
  • REVIEW (movie) movie (drama) experience
  • REVIEW (music) music (concert) experience

Size:Length 400x30 mm (50x30mm)

Material: Sticker

Quantity: 8 style (Total : 224 piece)