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Greeting Life Flower Message Gift Bouquet

・ Six rose-shaped message cards are included.
・ You can write a message on the back of the flower.
・ If you bundle the flowers with the message on them with a ribbon and attach a gift tag, it will look like a real bouquet.
・ Can also be used as a single message card.
・ The range of situations can be expanded depending on the arrangement, such as using it for birthdays, weddings, graduations, etc., or giving it as a message card to everyone.
・ Comes with an envelope with a handle.
・ The envelope has a French word that means "think about you."

Body size: (approx.) [Envelope] Length 215 x Width 90 mm
Package size: (approx.) Length 220 x width 95 mm
Accessories: 1 envelope with a handle