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Kokuyo Plastic Mirikeshi Eraser Black

● Millikeshi black type. Since it is a black eraser, dirt on the eraser is not noticeable.
● With an eraser with 5 erasing widths, you can erase the characters on the upper and lower lines according to the width of the ruled line of the notebook, aiming at "1 line".
● Erasing width: 6mm width ... for A-lined notebooks, 5mm width ... for B-lined notebooks, 4mm width ... for C-lined notebooks, 5mm grid notebooks, 3mm width ... for notebooks and small letters, for small parts
● The number indicating the eraser width does not disappear even if the eraser is reduced.
● Uses an environmentally friendly non-phthalate plasticizer. * Please keep out of reach of children. * Lightly rub a small part or only one line to erase it. * Please store in a case after use.
● For pencils
● Materials / body: PVC-P
● External dimensions (width / length / thickness): 22/50/22 mm