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Midori Diary 1 Page Per Day Foreign Books Star Pattern

A Western-style diary with a cloth-covered cover and foil on the entire surface, one page per day.

The cover, which is covered with cloth that feels good to the touch, uses two colors of foil, gold and silver, for a luxurious design.

A "1-year diary" that can be used for 368 days on 1 page per day. The foreign-style spine is beautifully fitted to the interior when placed on a bookshelf.

The star pattern is hand-drawn with stars and the moon, which will make you feel like writing a diary before going to bed.

Illustrations like illustrations of books are designed with 4 spreads, which will color your daily records.

The paper used for the diary is "MD paper", which is hard to bleed and strike through and pursues good writing quality, and the bookbinding is "thread binding", which is characterized by easy opening and a durable finish.

Contents: Body / 368 pages (4 patterns / 368 days) Rule width 9mm

Size: H185 × W117 × D25mm

Specification: Cover / Fabric Gold / Silver Foil Stamping / Overlock Binding With Bookmark String

Material: Body / MD paper