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Traveler's Notebook Refill 012 - Sticky Notes Passport Size

Brand new from Midori, a set of sticky notes that slide perfectly into your Traveler's Passport Notebook just like a Passport notebook refill. You'll always have your sticky notes on hand to flag up important pages, write little notes to yourself, make to-do lists, and use for all the other little things we love to use those handy little yellow sticky notes for.

The 012 Sticky Notes are a new addition to the Traveler's refill range and are a great organisational tool.

It includes 5 different sticky back notes attached to a plastic sheet that you can slip behind your Traveler's main band or hold it in with a connecting band like a refill.

They are handy for planning and flagging important dates or for notes you might want to move from day to day. You get 30 sticky notes per block adding up to a total of 150.

  • Size : Passport (90mm wide x 123mm high)
  • Contents : 5 blocks of 30 sticky back notes
  • Source : Travelers Company Japan14/8/2020

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