Midori Traveler's Notebook Passport Size Leather Cover Starter Pack Set


Midori Traveler's Notebook juga memiliki starter kit yang seukuran paspor

Isinya :
Tas Katun / (120mm x 153mm)
Cover Kulit / (105mm x 134mm, 10mm deep)
Notebook Kosong (80 pages) / (89mm x 124mm)
Rubber Band cadangan

If you think about it, what is your most important travelling piece of equipment, is it your clothing? no, you can always go to the laundry and wash your clothes, is it money? not necessarily, what you have in your head, your life skills, can make what a day's worth and then some for most of the great people I know.

No, It's your Passport, without it, you're nationless, countryless, and illegal, travelling overseas and abroad, you'll get a stamp to prove to yourself - and the immigration officer - that you're entering their country with a good will, and whatever you tell them what your purpose of entering their country was, they'll forget most of it when the next person comes, but that stamp on your passport page, that stays, that's important, and even urgent when the situation comes, to a traveler, the passport is the life and the internationally acclaimed evidence of his adventure throughout the world, and this Passport-sized midori traveler's notebook, is the perfect companion for those who wants their notebooks just a tad smaller than the regular size traveler's notebook

The Midori Traveler's Notebook is the centerpiece of our store, it's beautiful, elegant, speaks out vintage, and it's so simplistic you can even ontologically call it's our single most powerful purpose of existence.

It's the beginning and the end of your adventure, your epitome of creation, and your first step in this big beautiful world of endless colors, straight or squiggly lines, perfect circles and hexagons, cute stamps, gleeful stickers, and mementos from your happiest memories.

The Traveler's Notebook brand is the sole reason Toko Pie was opened and showcased to Indonesia and the whole world, we sweat, we bled, and shed tears to get our hands on our first Traveler's Notebook ever, we really love how it ages with use, and there's not a day that we long to just sit in our hotel rooms, our little workshop, with imaginative ways to tell our daily adventures inside it.

That all said, it's basically  a customizeable and refillable leather notebook, It uses a piece of high quality leather cover that is handmade in Chiangmai, Thailand. The leather cover feels exquisite in your hands and it becomes softer as it ages elegantly the more you use it, having a new Traveler's Notebook, it's like having a newborn baby and watching it grow, the leather will develop and become imbued with an encrypted translation of your personal self

Customize your notebook with a diverse choice of notebooks, pockets, clips, pen holders, and so so much more! Each of the New Midori Traveler's Notebook "Starter Kit" package, contains a black leather cowhide cover, a blank notebook, a cotton case, and a spare rubber band. Other filler notebooks and accessories are sold separately

The makers insisted on the best ever writing comfort. Notebook refills are made of Midori's original Japanese paper, which was developed very carefully for the best writing comfort possible. You can write on these with a fountain pen with without worrying about ink bleeding.

Occasionally you'd find one or two surprises from us when you buy a Traveler's Notebook!


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