Regular Size Refill 013 - Lightweight


This refill for the regular size Midori Traveler's Notebook measures 11cm x 21cm (approximately 4.33in x 8.25in), and contains 64 sheets (128 pages) of white blank paper. Refill made of light, thin paper. Contains twice the pages of regular refills (128 pages), this is recommended for users who do a lot of writing.

designed specifically to be put in the Traveler's Notebook leather. Rubber bands are used to tightly put it inside the leather.

Made by Midori's best japanese paper, highest quality guarantee! whichever side of the world you're in!

Tested by specialists for variety of pens - ballpoints, rollerballs, fineliners, fountain pens and even highlighters. We were very surprised with the results. While we noticed showthrough with everything from a ballpoint to a fountain pen, there was no bleed or feathering at all with any of the pens we used for testing. Considering how thin the paper is, this is pretty extraordinary and testament to the quality of this Japanese paper.

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