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Propus Window Sanrio Characters

Limited quantity! Twin fluorescent pens of bold and narrow letters unknown

The pen core has a window that allows you to check the letters, so you can prevent the line from being pulled too much when you check it.

One for overline (4.0 mm) and for underline (0.6 mm).

You can quickly pull important places without changing the pen.

The ink is a pigment ink excellent in water resistance and light resistance, and the color is vivid.

As it is also compatible with OA paper in addition to plain paper, it is a twin fluorescent pen that is difficult to discolor even with FAX paper, and since non-carbon paper characters do not disappear, it is also suitable for office work.

  • Shaft diameter 11 mm × total length 138 mm
  • Line width : Double-use type of 4.0mm and 0.6mm thick