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Traveler's Factory 10th Anniversary Notebook Refill Fluorescent Color Assortment

A refill made to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Travelers Factory.

We made 10 kinds of refills made of various papers, which are related to the theme of the 10th anniversary, 10 people and 10 colors.

This is a refill that binds four colors of bright fluorescent color paper.

Fluorescent tones of yellow, pink, salmon pink, and orange paper are repeatedly bound.

Just facing the bright paper will make you feel better. The color changes each time you turn the page, so you can always go to the notebook with a fresh feeling. It is also recommended for choosing the ink color according to the color of the paper, drawing a picture, and collage with a photo. Even with a fountain pen, there is little bleeding or strike-through, and it is a relatively good writing paper.

The number of pages is half that of a normal refill, so feel free to try it.

Middle paper / 32 pages Unlined [Fluorescent color assortment] Stitcher binding

Material: Paper

Size: H210 x W110 x D2mm