2016 Pan am Customized Sticker

2016 Pan am Customized Sticker

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2016 Midori Customize Sticker Set is made up of 6 sticker sheets that you can use to customize your Midori Traveler's Notebook.

  • Sheet #1 includes stickers based on badges and baggage tags that were used by Pan Am Airlines.
  • Sheet #2 is a monthly sticker sheet based on the motifs of baggage tags from Pan Am.
  • Sheet #3 includes Index monthly stickers in both large size for Regular TN and small size for Passport TN.
  • Sheet #4 is made up of schedule stickers that emphasize your daily activities such as travel, movie, or dinner.
  • Sheet #5 consists of transparent circles to highlight special days. Sticker
  • Sheet #6 holds 3 Film Pocket Stickers with a Pan Am theme.

These can be used to create useful pockets to hold special daily items or mementos from your trips.