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Traveler's Notebook Leather Zipper Case Black Passport Size

A passport-sized leather zipper case made from purely domestic tanned leather and carefully sewn in Japan.

The material is selected from Himeji leather. Tannin-tanned leather containing oil called oil Samak. It is characterized by its moist texture and the more it is used, the more it tastes and changes over time.

Then, by adjusting the leather to the comma unit, straining it thinly, and sewing it at the edge, it was possible to realize thinness and lightness with a feeling of size that can be set exactly on the Traveler's notebook. rice field. It is a zipper case created with domestic materials and Japanese craftsmanship.

One side is a zipper case and the other side is a two-pocket card case.

The zippered case with the Traveler's Factory logo is tightly closed so you can put your money or keys in it. Also, since it is made of leather, it goes well with the Traveler's Notebook, and the more you use it with the cover, the more delicious it will change.


3 pockets (card size x 2, zipper case x 1)

Material: cowhide

Size: H125 x W95 x D5mm (folded in half)