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Traveler's Notebook Passport Size Tokyobike Black

A Traveler's Note passport size made in collaboration with tokyobike, a bicycle that you want to run while feeling the smell of the city and the atmosphere under the theme of TOKYO SLOW.
The tokyobike logo is engraved on the leather cover.In addition, a chain plate that can be attached to the rubber and bookmarks of the traveler's note is included as an accessory.The chain plate is the same part that is actually used as a bicycle chain.The small gourd-shaped parts are perfect for traveler's notes, and should remind you of the feeling of running on a tokyobike when you get it.

Outer box Cotton case (fabric) Cover body (cowhide) Spare rubber band (red) Chain plate
Note refill (64 page unregulated stitcher binding)

Outer box / H150 × W113 × D16mm Cotton case H165 × W120mm
Cover body / H134 × W98 × D10mm MADE IN THAILAND
Note Refill / H124 × W89mm × D4mm MADE IN JAPAN