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Victorinox X Traveler's Factory Collaboration Swisscard

A multi-tool made in collaboration with Victorinox, a Swiss multifunctional knife brand founded in 884, and Travelers Factory. The Swiss card series, which contains eight functions such as knives, scissors, and ballpoint pens in a card-sized case, is printed with the message and logo of "TRIP INTO THE WILD".

The card-sized body is a size that can be stored in the zipper case as it is and carried with the Traveler's Notebook. Small but easy-to-use scissors, knives that can be used to open cartons and letter openers, and other excellent stationery functions can be carried compactly.

Size : Package / H120 × W120mm Body / 82 × 54mm

Function : Letter opener, scissors, pin, nail file, flat-blade screwdriver, tweezers, tooth pick, ballpoint pen, scale