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Yorimichi Note 04 47 Prefectures

This is the fourth edition of “04 47 prefectures” from “Yorimichi Note” of “OZmagazine”, a magazine that conveys the fun of Michichi.

The theme of 04 is 47 prefectures, which is different from the previous “Michimichi Note” which closes up one area such as Tokyo and Kyoto.

It is basically a two-page spread, and it is a square free space except that the place name and population, and the small Japanese archipelago are listed. For example, write and store the shops and places you want to go to in each prefecture, obtained from reviews from magazines, TV, and friends, write photos and shop cards, and record your trips. You can draw freely on the theme or use it freely.

On the first page, there are 8 pockets (16 pockets) with each area such as Hokkaido / Tohoku, Kanto, Kinki and China. In addition, the Furukawa Editor-in-Chief's column also includes a well-known manga by Kitada Nishiwaki.

Of course, this time too, based on the spiral ring notebook of the Travelers Company, we use original paper and MD paper that are particular about writing.

There must be 47 prefectures where many people have not yet stepped in. I tend to look overseas, but there are many wonderful places I have never seen in Japan, and many delicious things I have never eaten.

Yori Michi Note Please enjoy visiting Michi Michi from Japan in 47 prefectures.


Body / H218 × W130 × D18mm