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Yorimichi Note 01 Tokyo

The magazine “OZmagazine / Oz Magazine”, which introduces Kanto region's shops and sights with careful and warm papers and conveys the fun of Michi, is “Yori Michi Note 01 Tokyo” based on the spiral ring notebook. .

Four recommended spots are posted for each station, along with a white map around 30 stations in Tokyo where you can enjoy the Sanpo carefully selected by the editorial department of Oz Magazine. In addition, a free page where you can write impressions and paste shop cards, etc. comes with a paper pocket that can store columns about cards, cards and maps. It is a wonderful notebook filled with the thoughts of “Oz Magazine” that people want to spend a good day through “more ways” in daily life.

For the inner paper, we use the original writing paper and MD paper of the design file that is also used for traveler's notes. You can write comfortably from pencils to fountain pens.

Not only famous stations such as Tokyo Station and Nihonbashi, but also stations that are not well known such as Hikifune and Zojigaya are selected. Why don't you take a walk while enjoying the feeling of a little trip by walking around the station that you never got off?

Tokyo, Kitasenju, Yoyogi Uehara, Ginza, Nakameguro, Nihonbashi, Sangenjaya, Kinshicho, Nishikasai, Omori, Jimbocho, Sasazuka, Kuramae, Kiyosumi Shirakawa, Koenji, Komagome, Azabujuban, Nishiogikubo, Kagurazaka, Jujo, Ekoda, Mt. Hamada, Sendagi, Gotokuji, Hikifune, Togoshi Ginza, Sendagaya, Zojigaya, Ikenoue,