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Cork Coaster Fuchiko Of The Cup Compact Pattern

Fuchiko's cork coaster in a cup.
A cork coaster that makes it difficult for a cup of sizu to stick to the table when you drink a drink.
It's a cute and convenient
H 9.5 cm x W 9.5 cm x D 0.5 cm

● Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose.
● Do not use or store in places exposed to direct sunlight. Fading, fading and warping may occur.
● Do not use thinner, benzene, detergent, etc. There is a risk of discoloration, discoloration of printing, etc.
● Keep away from fire.
● Do not forcibly bend the printer, as it may cause cracks on the printing surface. There is no safety problem even if the print surface is cracked.
● After using the coaster, wipe it off and store it. There is a risk of warpage or deformation.
● Do not use or store the product where small children can reach it.