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Why Tokopie donate part of profit from your purchase to Children education charities

Our vision is a city where every child’s potential – regardless of zip code, skin color or family status – is unlocked with first; literacy, and then a post-secondary degree, opening the doors to success in life.

We believe…

• Every child matters and is equally important.
• The best education combines quality in the classroom with enhanced learning opportunities outside the classroom.
• Every family who needs and wants these opportunities should have guaranteed access.
• Every child deserves a clear, viable path to a post-secondary degree.

Until our own foundation is established.

First, we offer free advertising on our own website.

Second, part of our profit from your every purchase, will directly go to existing non-profit organizations that focuses on literacy and obtaining post-secondary degree for less fortunate children in Indonesia, where our Southeast Asia office is located.

Charities we support :

 Semesta Foundation Since 2014, Semesta foundation helps alleviate the burden of costs for less fortunate children across Indonesia access primary and secondary education, healthcare, and social well-being.
The Country's Children Literacy Foundation - or Yayasan Literasi anak indonesia
YLAI is a non-profit foundation that aims to develop a reading culture, and a love of reading amongst Indonesian primary aged children in all schools throughout Indonesia. It provides training in innovative reading methodology, and provides specific support in how to implement a strong Indonesian reading program in primary classrooms.  YLAI therefore aims to provide quality reading books, resources, and teacher guides for use in classrooms and libraries in Indonesia. It also works to develop the skills of writers and illustrators of children’s books to meet the demand for innovative and enriching experiences through literacy.
YPAB - Yayasan pendidikan anak bangsa - is a 100% free platform that connects volunteer teachers and educators to the less fortunate children all over the Indonesia, to reach post-secondary degree with the quality that will not lose to the prestigious educational organizations 


How do we choose which charities to support?
The charities we select to support are usually smaller, grassroots charities with a focus on education.

We are open to developing partnerships with a broader range charities who wish to recruit dynamic teachers through the Teacherhorizons platform. We also focus on building teacher capacity in developing countries through teacher training and CPD.

Why do we donate Part of our profits to charity?

The philosophy behind giving part of our profits to charity is simple. We believe all children from all backgrounds deserve great teachers and a good education. Most of our income is generated from international schools that usually educate more privileged children. By committing to giving part of our profits to education projects in developing countries, we can also enable thousands of less privileged students in developing countries to gain access to a quality education as well.

Finally, our Southeast Asia office is based in Indonesia for practical reasons such as time zones and ease of travel to Indonesian schools. Indonesia is a wonderful country but its education system is still very basic with limited resources. We support grassroots organisations working to address this as a way of giving something back to our host nation.

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