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About Us

Hi there!

tokopie team at work

I am Pie, and this is my online store, dedicated to promoting the search and finding of Rare Stationery and Limited Edition stationery and or art creative items, and creating a creative space for Indonesia's youth generation to create artsy crafts and leave their smartphone screens for awhile.

We mainly sell Diaries, Planners, Journals, Stamps, Stickers, Washi tapes, Pens, Art supplies like Ink, brushes, wax seals, scissors, and all of your related creative fun hobby items!

Opening a stationery shop has always been my childhood dream, and somehow it got postponed, procrastination came, and thus has always been neglected until now, but here I am, opening my own shop, and we also have an offline class teaching young children to plan and design their own agenda, planners, and all sorts of usage for the Traveller's Notebook, Hobonichi, and Kikki-K Planners.

We are located in Indonesia, in the City of Pekanbaru, you can find our address at the bottom of this page, this is a small town indeed, but lots of lovely people and lively small shops, and a shopping mall and cinema for your convenience too ^_^

As of 2017 we started a warehouse in Japan to house our back ordered items and our shopping service, and a Sales Office in the United Kingdom, it's still all very small, but I'm happy to do it and to dedicate the spirited journaling community a blast of rare stationery!

My online selling experience started in 2000, back then we were selling digital products, and we still are! just in a little bigger scheme of things right now, and stationery, well, I think I started it offline when I was still in elementary school, I'm pretty sure there was no internet back then for me to post them, so I this is my first ever personal online shop for stationeries. Built in 2015 

My team currently only consists of my Sister and Me, Papipie and a few other staff it's a small project, done with a big heart and a caring and giving concept in the middle of it, we never really meant this to be a main source of income, but we opened it to provide the best ever shopping experience that our Journaling and Planner Community can get in this ^^


Our Indonesian Office:

Jln. Tanjung Datuk no 83D

Pekanbaru - Riau - Indonesia

WhatsApp : +628117580903

Japan Warehouse :

Ryuugasaki, Ibaraki

United Kingdom Sales Office :

24-26 Arcadia Avenue, London, N3 2JU, United Kingdom


Our Facebook and Instagram is Toko Pie and @tokopie

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