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Kanmido Mako Gum Tape / Adhesive Tape Cutter

-A pen-sized masking tape holder that allows you to take out your own masking tape compactly.

-Using the attached "small winder" and a special core, by rewinding commercially available masking tape into a small roll with a diameter of about 10 mm and setting it in the main body case, it is compact yet "remains in a convenient roll shape". , You can easily take out multiple patterns of tape.

-With a tape cutter, a small winder and one spare small winding tape can be stored in the lower part of the main body.

-Masking tape is not included. Please use your own tape.

-The core is only compatible with 15 mm wide tape.

Package size: (approx.) Width 69.5 x depth 15.5 x height 193 mm

Raw materials: ABS, cotton

Set content: Main body, small winder, 5 Komaki cores

Country of origin: Japan