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Traveler's Notebook Limited Edition Set Airline

A set of Traveler's notebooks and customized items inspired by the Traveler's Airlines, a fictitious airline dreamed of by the Travelers Company.

A refill with the image of a boarding pass is set on the Traveler's Note Blue with the Traveler's Airlines logo stamped on it. In addition, it comes with an airplane charm that can be slid when attached to the rubber of the Traveler's Notebook, a charm of a mini-sized tag, a pencil like in-flight goods, a sticker, and a cotton bag that can be used as a storage case for the Traveler's Notebook.

With your notebook and imagination, you can travel anytime, anywhere. Enjoy a journey of heart with Travelers Airlines.

Package size: H245 x W167 x D31mm [with paper box]
<Set contents>
Cotton case: H250 x W160 x D5mm Cloth MADE IN THAILAND

Leather cover blue: H220 x W120 x D10mm Made in cowhide MADE IN THAILAND

Note refill: H210 x W110 x D4mm 64 pages [MD paper] Unlined stitcher binding MADE IN JAPAN

Pencil: Diameter 7 x 189mm [HB] Wooden MADE IN JAPAN

Sticker: 10 types included Paper package size / H120 x W80mm x D2mm [envelope included] MADE IN JAPAN

Brass charm: 2 types included Brass package / H70 x W94 x D5mm [envelope included] MADE IN JAPAN
* There are two types of charms, a charm that can be moved so that it slides when attached to the rubber of the Traveler's Notebook, and a mini-sized charm.