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Traveler's Notebook Special Narita Edition

The Traveler's Notebook Narita Airport edition, with the symbol of japan, Mount Fuji printed on the leather cover. READY STOCK

Regular Size Kit Contains :
Color: BROWN
Cotton Bag / (150mm x 240mm)
Leather Cover / (130mm x 218mm, 10mm deep)
Blank notebook (64 pages) / (110mm x 210mm)
Spare Rubber Band

Passport Size Kit Contains :
Color: BLACK
Cotton bag / (120mm x 153mm)
Leather Cover / (105mm x 134mm, 10mm deep)
Blank notebook (80 pages) / (89mm x 124mm)
Spare Rubber Band

Only to be obtained in Narita airport Japan, very limited stock!

All kind of journey starts at the airport, began yours accompanied with the limited edition Narita Airport Traveler's Notebook