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Brass Product

A rollerball pen has been added to the brass product lineup.
One of the features of the Brass Rollerball Pen is that you can use a cartridge for a fountain pen.
For example, you can enjoy the smooth writing mind and clear taste of handwriting peculiar to a rollerball pen with the ink of a color unique to a fountain pen such as blue-black.
The body of the main body is made by skilled craftsmen at a factory in Japan that has been making writing instruments for many years, the same as brass fountain pens. It is finished with a focus on functionality and usability as a tool that is used every day, such as the clicking sound when the pen is stored and the writing comfort that fits in the hand.
As a pen that you can easily use fountain pen ink, carry it with your Traveler's Notebook every day and use it widely from daily memo writing to letters to loved ones.

In addition, the brass ballpoint pen, pencil, and fountain pen will be slightly renewed.
In addition to the package, the texture of the clip changes to a texture that makes you feel the texture of the iron. At first glance, it is a subtle change that you may not notice, but by making small corrections, we aimed to create a tool that you will want to use for a long time with more attachment than ever before.