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Leather Zipper Case & Accessory Items

The design and shape are also simple and roughly usable, making the most of the original charm of leather, which is typical of travelers.
What was particular about the wallet and cases was to narrow down the functions without adding extra pockets as much as possible to make it compact and slim. Cards and coins are not classified in detail but are roughly stored together and put in a jeans pocket or thrown into a tote bag so that they can be easily carried around at all times.

In addition, the sewing is carefully finished one by one by hand-stitching at the same workshop in Chiang Mai, Thailand as the Traveler's Note. The snap and zipper pulls are made of solid brass and are original parts engraved with the Traveler's Factory logo. The more you use brass parts as well as leather, the more you can enjoy the taste of aging.

Leather accessories that can be used for a long time at hand as a tool for traveling as well as a traveling companion are also recommended as gifts.