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Traveler's Notebook Pan Am Limited Edition

Known by the acronym Pan Am / Pan am Pan American Airlines was founded in America in 1927,
Then the route network expanded all over the world. As the national flag carrier of the United States
While leading in the world aviation community also ceased operations in 1991.

To alight from the plane and was used in the Beatles ' first visit to America, or outgoing media around the world
Film "2001 Space Odyssey ' in its logo to or mentioned in the airliner flying through space, such as
Speaking of 1950-70s heyday, fly world airplane image Pan am everyone.

Now came to an end as the airline in-flight toy and advertising is of-the-art design at the time and
Loved by many people as a symbol of the era reflected the culture.

Collaborating such air travel icons, Pan am and Traveler's notebook.
Filled with dreams for the trip was not yet common in the plane, you're not excitement
Design Archives, such as Pan am ad, timetable, tickets, based on
Refills of the traveler's notebook and customize items I made.

Design that was referred to as Pan am Blue Blue is for travelers not blue Edition
It is also perfect for customization. Again remember dreams once people air travel.