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Traveler's Factory KYOTO Limited Products

"Traveler's Notebook KYOTO EDITION" expresses an icon designed based on motifs such as scenery and food that the Traveler's encountered while traveling in Kyoto, with a blue leather cover and copper foil stamping.

Furthermore, in addition to the "Refill KYOTO EDITION Icon" designed with the Kyoto motif, the refill is a "Refill Hosho-style Washi" that uses paper made with the aim of creating the texture of the Hosho paper that was once used for official documents and scriptures. Introducing "Refill Tea Leaf Strained Paper," which uses Japanese paper made by squeezing green tea husks together with paper raw materials.

In addition, there are two types of brass tags that you should attach to your Traveler's notebook as proof of your trip to Kyoto, and a purse-type cotton bag that is convenient for traveling, a shoulder bag, candy, etc. will be on sale as Kyoto-only items. The standard candy from Travelers Factory, which is recommended as a souvenir for your trip, is available in matcha flavor in Kyoto. It is made from genuine Uji matcha at Miyagawa Confectionery in Nakameguro.