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Traveler's Factory X LOG-ON

LOG-ON has been developing Traveler's Notebook since its launch in 2006, and has continued to send Traveler's Notebook from the international city of Hong Kong to the world.

The collaboration items released in advance at the event "LOG-ON Carnival" commemorating the 20th anniversary will appear at the Travelers Factory from August 7th.

The collaboration items include an in-shop with the theme of customized processing in LOG-ON, a popular mascot of the manual factory, a traveler's notebook refill with the motif of the manual factory bear, a brass ballpoint pen, a brass charm, and a baggage sticker.

There are two types of refills, a design that expresses the logo on the navy color cover with white foil stamping, and a design that expresses the MF bear who holds a traveler's notebook by letterpress printing.