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Traveler's Notebook Passport Size

A passport-sized traveler's notebook that includes a cowhide cover that enhances the taste and texture as you use it, and a plain notebook that uses original writing paper that is particular about ease of writing.
It's the same size as your passport, so you can carry it around more easily. By setting a zipper case, you can also use it as a wallet or business card case.
Write down any ideas you come up with or words you come across by wearing them at any time. For the inner paper, we use MD paper, which is an original writing paper that pursues writability. Even a fountain pen is less likely to bleed or strike through. Always carry it around and write down anything you like.

You can choose and set your favorite refills from various refills, or add charms to rubber and bookmarks to customize your own style, which will make you more attached and fun to carry around.
It is a notebook for spending every day as if traveling, of course.