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Traveler's Notebook Regular Size

It is a regular size of Traveler's Notebook, which is a set of a cowhide cover whose taste and texture increase as you use it, and a simple notebook using original writing paper that is particular about ease of writing.
The A5 slim size, which is a slightly slimmer width of the general A5 size, is easy to hold in your hand and allows you to write a lot. In addition, you can insert maps, tickets, and tri-folds of A4 copy paper between the covers.
Since it was first released as the standard size of the Traveler's Notebook, it has a wider variety of refills, so if you are thinking of using the Traveler's Notebook first, this is recommended.

You can choose and set your favorite refills from various refills, or add charms to rubber and bookmarks to customize your own style, which will make you more attached and fun to carry around.
It is a notebook for spending every day as if traveling, of course.