36 Sublo X Ayano Kinoshita Postage Stamp

36 Sublo X Ayano Kinoshita Postage Stamp

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Tired of the usual accessories? Want something unique and look good?
Or want accessories that look different and unique?

Let's try our unique, varied, good quality and perfect sealed product for those who love the collection of accessories. The small seal size makes it easy to bring it everywhere. With a mini-size makes it easy for you to store in small containers.

How to use this stamp is very easy and fast. Attach the seal first to the color ink you have prepared, then remove the stamped ink stamp and paste the stamp on your diary book pages or the like. The design of the characters we provide is quite varied for you.

In addition to its business use, making dates, company logos and the like, we design rubber stampel with a variety of characters for your hobby collection with stamp accessories.

Create your diary book and its kind to look more unique, cool with this cute stamp

Postage rubber stamp is designed by 36 Sublo x AyanOKinoshita for an exhibition. It is designed based on the shape of postage stamp and the designers tried to add some fun into their design work. It is great for decorating gifts, letters or any artworks.

  • High quality wood material
  • made of wooden and rubber,it is durable,beautiful and easy to operate.
  • For craft, diary, scrapbook, letters, cards.Make your own thank you, happy birthday, Christmas Cards.Show your own style,personality,and creativity to others.
  • suitable for decorating scrapbooking and wedding invitation cards etc.
  • Size 35×45x25mm


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