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Chamil Garden 5th Anniversary X +lab Memowrap Roll [Limited Edition]

Chamil Garden 5th Anniversary x +lab Memowrap Roll [Limited Edition]

These limited edition paper rolls printed with stunning illustration and collages artworks designed by Chamil Garden. It is great for adding a personalised note to any occasions, creating your own notes, reminder, to do list, labels, or even simple gift wrapping.

Each paper roll comes with a designed craft box for storing the roll. It allows simply and easy use of the paper roll by tearing it off at the edge. You could use as much as you need for the length of the paper as there are no perforated lines along the paper roll.

Size: Φ4cm x 5.5cm x 12m; (Case) 6.5x4.5x4.5cm

Content: x1 Paper roll + x1 Craft box case

4 variations:

  • CH265 - Cross
  • CH266 - Round
  • CH267 - Leaves
  • CH268 - Frame

Designed by Chamil Garden

CH265 - Cross
CH266 - Round
CH267 - Leaves
CH268 - Frame