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Disney Mickey, Minnie, Stitch Juice Up 0.4 Gel Ink Ballpoint Pen Pastel Color Ice Cream Parlor

Mickey's ice cream design is now available in the convenient knock-type fine ballpoint pen "Juice up".

A set of 3 different patterns that combines a pen shaft with a pattern like a color spray and a color grip. The ink color is a pastel color that can be written on black paper and is an ultra-fine 0.4 mm.

With its vibrant colors and smooth writing feel, this ballpoint pen is equipped with a newly developed synergy tip developed for juice up! Although it is ultra-fine, it is easy to write and realizes a smooth writing taste.

Package: Length approx. 19.5 x Width 5.5 x Thickness 1 (cm)
Body (each): Length approx. 14 x Diameter 1 (cm)

Material: Resin / Rubber

Ink color: pastel orange, pastel pink, pastel blue

Ball diameter: 0.4 (mm)

Please use Pilot LP3RF12S4 for the replacement core.