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Dotliner Tape Glue Ohana Stitch

Easy curve/rotary head is installed, and the main body design makes it easy to draw a curve. Easy to hold stick type/stick type so it is easy to hold and fits neatly into the pen case.

The overall design is also cute! Ideal for students to make notebooks / Adhesive for printing that can be repainted and reapplied, and firmly attached later.

It is safe because you can reattach it even if it slips. Gluing with simple adhesive Smooth/Uses mini-dot type glue that can be applied finely and has good sharpness.

Comfortable with no protrusion or stringing.

*Not suitable for sealing envelopes.


●Single-use type


●Tape dimensions (width/length): 6 mm/8 m

●Specifications: Strong adhesion (after about 6 hours)

●Outer dimensions: W23 x D23 x H86 mm