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Dr. Grip 4+1 Disney Tinker Bell Glitter

- Package: Length approx. 16.5 x Width 5 x Thickness 2.5 (cm)
- Body: Length approx. 14.5 x Diameter 1.3 (cm)

Material: Base (brass / chrome plated) / Medium pipe (brass / alloy plating) / Body (silicon rubber) / sheath (PC) / Clip (special steel / chrome plated)

- Ink color: black, red, blue, green
- Sharp core diameter: 0.5 (mm)
- Please use Pilot HERFNS-10 for replacement rubber.
- For the sharp replacement core, use the genuine pilot product 0.5 (mm).
- Please use Pilot BVRF-8F (0.7mm fine acro ink) for the ballpoint pen replacement core.