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La Dolce Vita Hardcover Diary Book - Dearest Diary

This diary book is not only visually-pleasing, it’s also highly efficient with spacious yearly, monthly and weekly pages. It also does not have preprinted dates (which you could continue to use it even in the next coming year), you may write whenever and customise it as a free diary to suit your needs.

This diary book has a hard cover, and able to be opened fully 180 degrees.

Content: (full-coloured printing) 160P

  • Introduction Page + Illustration 
  • Personal Details Page + Illustration 
  • Memo
  • Annual Plan 
  • Illustrations Page 
  • Monthly+Weekly Schedule Pages  (1 Month 2P + 5 weeks per month 10P)
  • Illustrations + Memo 
  • Closing Pages 

Size: B6 (168x182cm)