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Hobonichi Techo Mother 2 Weeks Ruler Cartoon Characters

Product description

Game software released in 1994 "MOTHER 2" and almost a day handbag collaboration underlay.

Enemy characters of "MOTHER 2" such as Geppoo and Star Man,

I printed on the white background that it seemed to be fun to some extent.

Like the enemy characters' figures almost covers the cover "3 banged station" of the day handbook 2019 and the weeks "Please kop a coffee"

It was a very valuable thing that was actually used in the instruction manual of the game cassette of 1994 and so on.

There is no fixed usage in "almost day handbook".

Not to mention schedule and memos, as a diary, sketching.

You can paste a photo or ticket half ticket.

Please write, draw, paste, please try anything freely.