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Im Doraemon Flake Seal Stickers 40pieces

Material: Body: Paper
Product size: Design, back of package,

No.1 to 10 in order from top left to top right, bottom left to bottom right.
No.1 1.9×2.9×0.016cm,
No.2 2.8×2.8×0.016cm,
No.3 2.3×2.8×0.016cm,
No.4 3×1.9×0.016cm,
No.5 2×2.8×0.016cm,
No.6 2×2.8×0.016cm,
No.7 2×2.8×0.016cm,
No.8 1.9×2.5×0.016cm,
No.9 1.9×2.8×0.016cm,
No.10 2.9×2.9×0.016cm

Quantity : 40 pieces
Type : Sanrio character flake stickers.