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Bon Bon Sticker Rubber Stamp - Stationery Set

These rubber stamps could be considered DIY rubber stamps, as you would need to paste the rubber to the wooden holder yourself. You could also try to cut/remove the extravagant part (the white background area) and leave with the pattern only before pasting it onto the wooden holder.

From ink bottles, self-inking rubber stamps to fountain pen nip, you could find your favorite stationery feature on these wooden rubber stamp blocks.

The set comes a set of 9 stationery rubber stamps are packaged in a handy decorative storage tin.

Pencil: 2x5.5 cm
Brush: 2x4.5 cm
Ink: 3x3 cm
Clip 3 styles: 2x3 cm
Tip: 1x5 cm
Scissors: 2x4.5 cm
Ink supply stamp: 2x4.5 cm
*The thickness of the stamp is about 2cm (not included Printing rubber)

Material: Wood + sponge + rubber

Origin/manufacturing methods: Taiwan