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Japanese OSP Planner stamp - Pentagonal Radar Chat

Japanese OSP Planner stamp - Pentagonal Radar chat

Rubber stamp

SIZE: 2 CM X 6 CM X 2 CM
It is a "radar chart" stamp that can be used not only for studying and work but also for hobbies and websites of evaluation systems, which are often used for a wide range of purposes!

For example, when I express the impression of a movie as a radar chart, I classify it as "acting" "directing" "story" "surprise" "music", etc. I am trying to evaluate each one super-personally in five stages . Complete if you put small dots on the trout and finally join them with lines! Looking at the finished, the more beautiful pentagram is, the more balanced and wonderful it is to see from yourself.

Also, it is very fun to evaluate yourself! For example, we classified as such as "fun ants," "taste of the meal", "skin tone", "hair of tone", "clothes of Choice", and the radar chart summarizing the day, week, month , it only character It looks like it will be a visual diary not! What?