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Kanahei's Small Animals Piske & Usagi Desk Sticky Note Private

Popular with women in their teens and 20s! Stationery goods are now available from Kanahei ☆ 彡 Stand-type sticky notes that can be used for work and private life are on sale ♪ A must-see for office ladies! !! It's a great way to put on a little feeling or expression, put it on a gift, or distribute sweets ☆ It's a convenient sticky note that you can put on your desk. Since the message is written, you can press the seal and hand it over immediately! There are various other characters, so please find your favorite (^ O ^)

[Body size] Approx. W125 x H70 x D50mm

[Material] Paper

[Contents] 6 patterns 20 each 120 sheets in total

[Country of origin] Japan