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Kanmido Fusen Marker Refill FM-9201 PATTERN Blue X Red Square

-A special refill for the peelable marker "Sticky Note".
-Please use in combination with the main body sold separately.

How to use
(1) Lift the cover of the main body slightly and turn it down to open it.
(2) Take out the core of the sticky note remaining inside.
(3) Pull out the refill sticky note for a long time, hold the end of the sticky note, and set it on the main body.
(4) Stick the end of the sticky note to the main body.
(5) Close the cover.
* Peel off the sticky note refill sticker immediately before use.

Color: Blue, red and white tricolor
Body size (approx.): Width 6mm x 5m roll
Package size (approx.): Width 33.0 x depth 7.0 x height 101 mm
Quantity: 2 pieces
Material: ABS, PP, acrylic adhesive