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Kanmido Fusen Marker X Mizutama Stationery Limited Edition

- It is a "sticky note marker" full of fluffy and cute worldview in collaboration with mizutama.
- A sticky note marker that takes advantage of the features of film sticky notes that "stick and peel" and "do not hide the letters below".
-The contents of the sticky note can be refilled with an optional refill and used repeatedly.

How to use
(1) First, pull out the end of the sticky note a little and paste it according to the place you want to paste.
(2) Stick a sticky note on the paper while pulling the main body.
(3) Push the upper part of the main body to pull out the blade and cut it in a twisting manner. By pushing the upper part of the main body, the rotation of the sticky note inside is stopped, and at the same time, the blade is pulled out to cut the sticky note.
(4) After use, attach the end of the sticky note to the main body again.


[Main body] Stationery
[Sticky notes] Pink

Size (approx.):
[Main body] Width 39 x Depth 13 x Height 30 mm
[Sticky note] Width 6 mm x 5 m roll

Package size (approx.): Width 60 x depth 15 x height 98 mm